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Welcome to Lake Worth's private custom waterfront dredging services 
HOWDY ! ! This is the online home of Lake Worth Dredging. We are the only locally owned and operated private dredging contractor, currently doing business on our lake. With the current heavy and generalized dredging being run by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock , NOW is the time to make the plans for local cleanouts and dredging of your own waterfront properties and structures, both existing and planned. This service, when done in a timely and coordinated manner will maximize your opportunity to remove sludge-mud-sediments-silt to yield your desired depth consistent with city regulations/limitations. By acting quickly, and in concert with the ongoing GLD&D dredging project, it is possible to reduce the probability of "driftback" and undesirable re-sedimentation. Timing is critical. 

LWD is extraordinarily aware of the current and evolving regulations established by the Corps of Engineers and the City of Fort Worth. We can quickly and accurately answer most questions you may have regarding those issues and how they may affect your
particular situation. Click here for information from the City of Fort Worth regarding the project. 

LWD utilizes the latest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly small area hydraulic dredging tools available today. Couple that with a known local operator and crew, and you will find the job done to your complete satisfaction---and in a timely, effective, and locally friendly manner. The LWD crew is led by well known and long time Lake Worth area resident, Mr. James Quave. (Now also known as JUDGE SLUDGE). The rest of the crew are highly competent, experienced, and very reliable people already known to many around the lake.

LWD offers fair and competitive pricing. Most important, we are here! We live on and around Lake Worth. We are in very close communication with city staff and officials. And, we will still be around to help you with future issues as this overall effort evolves!

LWD can also work anywhere in and around the surrounding DFW area. Stock pond cleanouts, creeks, settling ponds, culverts, and any other area where sludge needs a budge, or even just a nudge, is something we can handle.

So, give "Judge Sludge" a call or an email today. We'll arrange for a free consultation including an analysis of your needs along with a price quote. (Obviously, "one size doesn't necessarily fit all" but economies of scale can apply for multiple adjacent jobs.)
817 642 8280   or  email:

(817) 642 8280  or email:
Lake Worth Dredging
1620 Las Vegas Trail Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76108
Our humble site is still under construction . Please visit us again soon, and find the Judge "not guilty" if a link or two don't happen to work at the moment. 
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